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Toast Radio is a streaming music server playing a freeform radio format of alternative, melodic rock and independent music with folk, big band, ska, rockabilly, electro-swing, jazz, alt-country and many more styles being featured.

Toasty tracks are played weekdays into the evenings Pacific time. On the overnight, Toast Radio goes extreme freeform, opening the doors to a collection of over 31,900 tracks from 2,620 albums.

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Now playing

The Person You Are

by John Wesley Harding off "The Name Above The Title"

3:40 ∙ Pop ∙ 1991

Last 15 tracks

Rambling Man

by Laura Marling off "I Speak Because I Can"

3:16 ∙ Adult Alternative ∙ 2010

Soul Defense

by Nokomis Court off "The Fine Print"

4:57 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2000

What The Nothinghead Said To The Something Head

by Dollface off "Lights The Pilot!!!"

3:07 ∙ Rock ∙ 1996


by Meaghan Smith off "Have a Heart"

3:18 ∙ Pop ∙ 2014

Don't Protect Me

by JOSEPH off "The Sun"

3:06 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2023

Cold Cold River

by The Vibro Champs off "The Stimulating Sounds of The Vibro Champs"

3:46 ∙ Rockabilly ∙ 1994


by Leaves off "Breathe"

5:11 ∙ Rock ∙ 2002

The Doorway

by California Oranges off "California Oranges"

3:05 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 2000

Funny Farm

by Trees and Timber off "Hello, My Name Is Love"

2:43 ∙ Pop Punk ∙ 2014


by David Gray off "A Century Ends"

4:15 ∙ Alternative ∙ 1993

Boogie Palace

by Flim & The BB's off "Big Notes"

4:46 ∙ Jazz ∙ 1985

Way Down Yonder In New Orleans Mambo

by Van Alexander and His Orchestra off "Ultra-Lounge Volume 2: Mambo Fever"

2:25 ∙ Easy Listening ∙ 1996

Point of Know Return

by Kansas off "Point of Know Return"

3:11 ∙ Rock ∙ 1977


by House of Freaks off "Cakewalk"

2:34 ∙ Alternative ∙ 1991

False Alarm

by KT Tunstall off "Eye to the Telescope"

3:50 ∙ Pop ∙ 2004