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Toast Radio is a streaming music server playing a freeform radio format of alternative, melodic rock and independent music with folk, big band, ska, rockabilly, electro-swing, jazz, alt-country and many more styles being featured.

Toasty tracks are played weekdays into the evenings Pacific time. On the overnight, Toast Radio goes extreme freeform, opening the doors to a collection of over 30,400 tracks from 2,440 albums.

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Now playing

Georgie Don't You Know (Bonus Track) [From "Togetherness: The New Pornographers Play Outrageous Cherry"]

by The New Pornographers off "Together"

1:51 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2010

Last 15 tracks

Everyone Gets a Star

by Albert Hammond Jr. off "Yours to Keep"

3:05 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2007

Please Don't Go

by Barcelona off "Absolutes"

4:33 ∙ Rock ∙ 2009


by Oh Land off "Oh Land"

3:31 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2011

Pennsylvania Six-Five Thousand

by Glenn Miller off "Pure Gold"

3:14 ∙ Big Band ∙ 1975


by Fierce Bad Rabbit off "The Maestro and the Elephant"

4:01 ∙ Pop ∙ 2013


by The Jayhawks off "Rainy Day Music"

4:02 ∙ Alt-Country ∙ 2003

Jody Sings

by Masters of Reality off "Sunrise on the Sufferbus"

3:03 ∙ Rock ∙ 1992

The Sara Song

by The Never off "The Never"

2:48 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2003

Unknown Brother

by The Black Keys off "Brothers (Deluxe Version)"

3:59 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2010

I Wonder Why the Wonderfalls (Theme from "Wonderfalls")

by Andy Partridge off "Wonderfalls (Theme) - Single"

4:11 ∙ Pop ∙ 2004


by Old 97's off "Satellite Rides"

2:15 ∙ Country ∙ 2001

I've Been Waiting

by Matthew Sweet off "Girlfriend"

3:36 ∙ Alternative ∙ 1991


by Calamine off "Calamine [EP]"

4:04 ∙ Pop ∙ 1999

Strawberry Hill

by Bronze Radio Return off "Old Time Speaker"

3:57 ∙ Rock ∙ 2009


by The Belle Brigade off "The Belle Brigade"

4:02 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2011