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Toast Radio is a streaming music server playing a freeform radio format of alternative, melodic rock and independent music with folk, big band, ska, rockabilly, electro-swing, jazz, alt-country and more also making an appearance.

Top tracks are played weekdays (Pacific time) and be sure to tune in for Five-star Fridays! Evenings and weekends Toast Radio goes extreme freeform, opening the doors to a collection of nearly 30,000 tracks from 2,380 albums.

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Now playing

Angry Mob

by Mike Andrew off "Mandrew"

2:26 ∙ Pop ∙ 2004

Last 15 tracks

Sugar Town (Bonus Track)

by Zooey Deschanel off "(500) Days of Summer (Music from the Motion Picture) [Bonus Track Version]"

2:28 ∙ Soundtrack ∙ 2009

Polaroid Lullaby

by Honeycut off "The Day I Turned to Glass"

1:43 ∙ Rock ∙ 2006

Good Help

by Deanna Kirk off "Mariana Trench"

5:03 ∙ Alternative ∙ 1996

Sing Our Way Back Home

by Looters off "Jericho Down"

3:27 ∙ Rock ∙ 1991

The Wind Knows My Name

by Fairground Attraction off "The First Of A Million Kisses"

4:12 ∙ Americana ∙ 1988


by Maria McKee off "Life Is Sweet"

4:42 ∙ Alternative ∙ 1996

Keep On Walking

by Jem off "Down To Earth"

4:12 ∙ Pop ∙ 2008

Song For My Father

by Sara Hickman off "Equal Scary People"

4:09 ∙ Folk ∙ 1989

I'll Be The One

by Alice Peacock off "Alice Peacock"

4:14 ∙ Alternative-Folk ∙ 2002

Look Of Sky

by Cloud Eleven off "Cloud Eleven"

4:16 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 1999


by Michael Marc Zanabili off "Lava"

4:21 ∙ Flamenco ∙ 2005

Blue Sky

by The Queue off "Fallout"

3:17 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 2004

Miracles Out of Nowhere

by Kansas off "Leftoverture"

6:26 ∙ Rock ∙ 1976

The Way I Am

by Ingrid Michaelson off "Girls and Boys"

2:15 ∙ Pop ∙ 2007

I'll See You In My Dreams

by Hot Club de Norvège off "Gloomy"

2:40 ∙ Jazz ∙ 1984