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Toast Radio is a streaming music server playing a freeform radio format of alternative, melodic rock and independent music with folk, big band, ska, rockabilly, electro-swing, jazz, alt-country and many more styles being featured.

Toasty tracks are played weekdays into the evenings Pacific time. On the overnight, Toast Radio goes extreme freeform, opening the doors to a collection of over 30,400 tracks from 2,440 albums.

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Now playing

Pictures of Success

by Rilo Kiley off "Take Offs and Landings"

6:51 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2001

Last 15 tracks

The Door

by Kwoon off "Tales and Dreams"

3:34 ∙ Rock ∙ 2006

I Have Been Floated

by The Olivia Tremor Control off "Black Foliage: Animation Music Vol. 1"

3:39 ∙ Psychedelic ∙ 1999


by The Owls off "Our Hopes and Dreams"

3:24 ∙ Pop ∙ 2004

Glad That You Love Me

by Monkeeman off "Monkeeman"

4:07 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 2006

Soldier's Poem

by Muse off "Black Holes and Revelations"

2:04 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2006

Pretty Dress

by Rosie Thomas off "If Songs Could Be Held"

3:56 ∙ Alternative-Folk ∙ 2005

Counting Down the Days

by Taxiride off "Imaginate"

2:41 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 1999

The Disquieting Letter

by Happy Bullets off "The Vice and Virtue Ministry"

2:33 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2005

La Forme et Le Fond

by Keren Ann off "Nolita"

5:34 ∙ Alternative-Folk ∙ 2005

Losing You

by Willoughby off "I Know What You're Up To"

3:44 ∙ Pop ∙ 2007

Careful What You Wish For

by Jonatha Brooke off "Careful What You Wish For"

3:58 ∙ Folk-Rock ∙ 2006

Baby Doll

by Dan Wilson off "Free Life"

3:57 ∙ Pop ∙ 2007

Wish I Could Forget

by The Weepies off "Hideaway"

2:58 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2008

In A Minor Key

by Tim Finn off "Escapade"

3:46 ∙ Pop ∙ 1983

The Same Old Things

by The Paper Raincoat off "The Paper Raincoat"

4:34 ∙ Pop ∙ 2009