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Toast Radio is a streaming music server playing a freeform radio format of alternative, melodic rock and independent music with folk, big band, ska, rockabilly, electro-swing, jazz, alt-country and many more styles being featured.

Toasty tracks are played weekdays into the evenings Pacific time. On the overnight, Toast Radio goes extreme freeform, opening the doors to a collection of over 31,750 tracks from 2,605 albums.

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Now playing

My Neighbour's House

by The Bluetones off "The Bluetones"

3:34 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2006

Last 15 tracks

This Is The Life

by Amy Macdonald off "This Is The Life"

3:05 ∙ Pop ∙ 2008

Don't Make a Sound

by The Like off "Release Me"

3:18 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2010

Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak

by The Raspberries off "Capitol Collectors Series"

4:14 ∙ Power Pop ∙ 1991


by The English Beat off "I Just Can't Stop It"

4:19 ∙ Ska ∙ 1980


by Mosquitos off "Mosquitos"

2:11 ∙ Alternative ∙ 2003

Beautiful Nature

by Finley Quaye off "Much More Than Much Love"

3:27 ∙ Reggae ∙ 2003

She Hasn't Left Me (Yet)

by Braden Blake off "A Year in Pajamas"

3:28 ∙ Pop ∙ 2003

This Is New

by Benny Goodman off "Featuring Helen Forrest"

3:13 ∙ Big Band ∙ 1992


by Good Old War off "Good Old War"

1:02 ∙ Singer/Songwriter ∙ 2010

Colour My World

by Chicago off "The Very Best of: Only the Beginning"

3:01 ∙ Rock ∙ 1970

The Duke and the Tinker

by Kate Rusby off "Sleepless"

3:45 ∙ Folk ∙ 1999

Mad Visions

by Royal Blood off "Typhoons"

3:09 ∙ Rock ∙ 2021

Till I Get My Way

by The Black Keys off "Rubber Factory"

2:31 ∙ Rock ∙ 2004


by Oyster Band off "Ride"

3:31 ∙ Rock ∙ 1989


by Izzy Bizu off "A Moment of Madness (Deluxe)"

3:20 ∙ R&B/Soul ∙ 2016